The Scoop on Conchas Chinas

Looking to stay at beautiful Casa Caleta but don’t know much about Conchas Chinas? Where is it? You might be wondering. What is the beach like? Is it close to town? These are great questions to ask, and we are here to answer them for you!

 Conchas Chinas, which literally means Chinese Shells, is home to beautiful beaches and jaw-dropping homes. Just a 5 min drive from downtown, Conchas Chinas is known as one of Vallarta’s more rocky beaches, though this has its perks. These rocks form little pools and pockets of water along the shore of Conchas Chinas, making it ideal for a calm swim close to home. The sand is soft as can be, perfect for catching some rays or taking a walk at sunset. At Casa Caleta, this beach is your backyard. You may choose to watch it from above in our infinity pool or walk down the short flight of stairs to our secured beach access door.

 With most homes dating back to the 1950s and 60s, Conchas Chinas has a rich history in Puerto Vallarta as one of THE most affluent neighborhoods. So much so in fact, that many locals refer to it as the Beverly Hills of Vallarta. This all started when engineer Guillermo Wulff brought his friend John Huston down to show him the beautiful land of Puerto Vallarta, which became the set of his movie “The Night of the Iguana.” This was a crucial moment in Vallarta’s history, as Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor put Puerto Vallarta on the map of the rich and famous, who of course moved down or bought property in Vallarta, primarily in Conchas Chinas.

 A mix of contemporary, modern and traditional homes, Conchas Chinas real estate has it all in terms of architecture. Some homes are nestled up in the tranquil hilltops, while some are beachfront beauties. Some with infinity pools overlooking the beautiful bay, others with tennis courts and sprawling land. While each home has it’s own style, you can be sure to find architecture of the highest quality. And Casa Caleta is no exception.

 Conchas Chinas is a strictly residential area. Aside from the Oxxo on the main highway, there exists nothing in ways of convenience services. Lucky for residents and vacationers alike, Conchas Chinas is a 5 minute drive to the Romantic Zone, the heart of Vallarta where all of the action takes place. A vibrant and lively nightlife scene, fantastic restaurants and bars, and of course the famous Los Muertos beach and Malecon. The thing that makes Conchas Chinas so great is it’s proximity to the hustle and bustle; close enough to enjoy yet far enough to relax and be at one with the tranquil energy of the surrounding nature.

 Locals love Conchas Chinas, not only for it’s easy beach access, but for the beautiful crystal clear water. Conchas Chinas is both a favorite and classic beach and area to both locals and non-locals. If you are a beach lover, you are in luck. Conchas Chinas is your new paradise. And what better way to experience it than front and center at Casa Caleta.

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