Conchas Chinas Beach

Imagine yourself sprawled out on Puerto Vallarta’s most beautiful beach in front of your Private Villa Rental with your family. Picture yourself soaking up the sun on the beautiful white sand beach with the gentle crashing of the waves in the background. You faintly hear your cell phone ringing up at the villa in the background, and do not feel bad at all about not getting up to go answer. You’re on vacation in Mexico. On one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico- and certainly the most lovely in Puerto Vallarta.

As the margarita buzz wears on, you decide to round up a few group members to go explore up and down the beach. You see the soft sand separated about every 100 yards by a picturesque natural rock tide-pool section. You notice other beautiful beachfront villas along the world-renowned Conchas Chinas beach. Why isn’t there anything this naturally beautiful back home? You don’t care. All you care about is enjoying this moment that you’re living right now.

Walking south, you see several other beachfront villas until you hit the end of the beach a few minutes away. Walking up this slight hill, you will enter into a private driveway past other villas and walk right into the La Playita Restaurant. It’s a pretty cool place. You decide to give your private chef back at the villa a break. You ask if you can call the villa from the restaurant. “Of course you can call the villa from the restaurant, amigo!” “Corona o Pacifico?” You wish people back home were this warm! But then you’d never get anything done…is that a bad thing? You begin contemplating the logistics of moving to Mexico. “Here’s the phone amigo!” Right. Call the private chef. “ Amigo!, (Now you’re saying it too) I think we’re going to have lunch here. You can wrap it up early today. There are still plenty of leftovers from the lobster dinner last night right? Ok, I guess we’ll just have that later (Poor you!). Hasta luego!”

After lunch and happy hour (even better in Mexico) your group starts walking back to the villa. What were you thinking when you considered saving everybody $40 a night and staying at another one of these villas? Yeah they’re nice and everything, but definitely not worth saving the cost of a cheap motel room. Ah, Casa Caleta- here it is. On the nicest part of the beach. What about a quick walk north? Maybe you should throw some more sunblock on so you don’t get sunburned. So you do that. Your wife decides to too. You put it on each other. Everyone else decides to hang out at the pool. You read online that town was only a quick walk down the beach. Time to go explore a little more via foot- you didn’t get to take in the whole coastline view on the ride up here.

Your scenic afternoon continues as you travel towards town. More bright blue skies. More perfect dark blue water with gentle whitewater rifts from the rocks. More beautiful Conchas Chinas beach. More beautiful beachfront Puerto Vallarta Villas. Almost as nice as the one your group rented. Before you know it, you’re coming up into town. You walk past a few other beachfront establishments. You’re feeling particularly adventurous today. Let’s keep walking onto the Malecon 2. There’s definitely more of a crowd here. You walk over a bridge and right along onto the main Malecon. Hey, you remember driving by here on your way to the villa! This is great. If you hadn’t just had lunch and happy hour, you would definitely stop it. Time to travel back. You briefly consider taking a cab. You yell out, “Taxi!” About 10 people turn around, 5 of the taxi drivers. But you only need one. You ask the closest one- “How much to Conchas Chinas?” The guy’s not fluent by any stretch of the imagination, but he knows enough to get the job done. Only 4 bucks? For a cab ride? Wow. While this is going on your wife has had her interest sparked by a small local ice-cream shop. You explain to the Taxi driver. He explains to the other 4 Taxi drivers. You have a taste and you decide you’ll get one to share. Perfect for the warm Puerto Vallarta weather. You end up deciding to walk back instead, holding hands, enjoying your ice cold ice-cream along your romantic stroll down Conchas Chinas Beach.

Before you know it, you’re right back at the villa, back from your adventure to the Romantic Zone- or Old Town Puerto Vallarta- why does it have two names? You don’t care. You hear your phone ringing again in the background. Haha! I hope everyone else is enjoying their Wednesday afternoon back home! While you’re at the beach at your Private Villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. And this is only day 1.

To be continued…

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